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These stunning overlays can be applied over any colour and produce the most stunning finish.  They are ultra thin so they fit snugly to the nail without creasing or lifting.  The transparent background is completely invisible once on the nail.  Each sheet includes 5 designs - 12 of each in various sizes.

To apply:-

1.  Ensure the nail surface is clean.  If you  have used a gel polish with an inhibition layer, ensure you remove this tacky layer prior to application.
2.  Carefully peel off the sticker using tweezers - these are very delicate so be careful
3.  Apply to the nail ensuring you do not touch the self adhesive backing
4.  Smooth over with your finger.  If you have any creases, gently lift up and stretch them out 
5.  Remove any excess using a file - ideally 240 grit
6.  Apply your Top Coat - you can use a normal air dry Top Coat or, as we have done, use a soak off  UV/LED Top Coat.  We have used our No Wipe UV/LED Top Coat

To remove:- 

Either soak off or file off